Our Mission Family

Our Church has a strong focus on both overseas and local Gospel work. Our current cross-cultural workers whom we support are:

  • Graydon Colville, International Director for Global Recordings Network (based in Sydney)
  • Dema & Carolyn (children Grace & Daniel) working with Global Interaction in Thailand in teaching and Gospel planting.
  • Tobias and Heather (children Elijah, Rachel & Lydia) working with Global Interaction in Mozambique in Gospel planting.

As a church we have adopted the Yawo people group of Malawi and Mozambique.

Dick McLellan who, with his wife Vida, served in Ethiopia for over 20 years has been honoured by the President of Ethiopia for his work in that country. Dick has written several books “Warriors of Ethiopia” and its sequel “Messengers of Ethiopia”.
For more information contact Dick by email: dickmcllelan@bigpond.com

In addition others serve beyond our own Fellowship with Christian Community Aid in Eastwood, Baptist Community Services and Hope Street Urban Compassion in the inner Sydney city area.