Activities by Week

A summary of our regular activities is as follows. Please note that some of the activities go into recess during school holidays, and some groups meet fortnightly or monthly instead of weekly. Please refer to their respective pages for further information.

9:00am Prayer Time
9:30am Traditional Service
10:00am Family Service
12:30pm International Lunch **
2:30pm Young Families’ Bible Study *
6:00pm Evening Service
10:00am Playtime
7:15pm Prayer Meeting
9:00am Leisuretime ***
10:30am Thursday Fellowship **
7:45pm Bible Study with Bill
10:00am Playtime
3:30pm Adventurers
4:30pm BLAST
7:30pm Friday Night Social & Discussion Group
7:45pm Bible Study at Triglone’s Home *
8:00am Prayer Meeting
5:00pm English Bible Study for Korean Speakers *
6:00pm MIDS **

* Fortnightly/Twice a month
** Monthly
*** Every two months